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Welcome friend!

Welcome friend! Thank you for wanting to be part of my journey, where I connect to my inner child. Connect to people through authenticity. While I explore the world around…

I hope to inspire you to come along and live a joyful life, truly feeling connected to your authentic self!

NB: I'm currently working on a new project, which involves a new blog/website and podcast... meanwhile I will be posting here so you don't miss anything. Once it's ready, this blog will be moving to the next one.

What is this blog all about?

For the first blog, I feel it is important to stress that this is a new adventure in every way. This newness, comes with a dose of unsureness (does that word even exist?…), well uncertainty, fear, but also excitement.

What is this adventure really all about? Permission to create a business around an authentic lifestyle. The conventional way of fitting my lifestyle around my business became so much heavier, to the point that I miss the joy in both business and life.

permission to create a business around an authentic lifestyle

In an upcoming post I will give more insight on what the challenges of my previous business model were and the present urge to be more authentic (do it my way!)

What did a Pilates student of mine said that was game changer?

Two weeks ago, I had my last class as a Pilates Mat instructor in Oslo. And let me tell you, it was very hard to say goodbye to those beautiful souls I had the privilege of teaching. They all have a special place in my heart, and I felt so loved by them. I have not stopped teaching Pilates forever, I just need time off to readjust things, and accommodate spending the next four months in Lisbon, Portugal.

There was one thing that one of my dear student’s said to me, which kind of took me back in time. To different occasions, where I heard similar words. I just wasn’t paying attention, or I was disconnected from my feelings. Perhaps my inner critic didn’t believe me, but once I heard it from her, I was like… This is it!

The missing words I was looking for, that will definitely be part of my newest adventure in some form. Want to know what she told me?

She said something to like: 'Telma, you are very good at connecting people and bringing them together.'

Connecting people through authenticity!

This blog/site will be focusing on authentic connections, both authentic inner-(self) connection and inter-(others) connection. How do we connect to ourselves and to the world around us.

As a multipotentialite*, I have a huge amount of interests and am always craving novelty.

Therefore, I'm opening up the dynamics of my everyday life, as a business owner, personal interests and areas of expertise in this channel.

(*Not sure what 'multipotentialite' means? No worries, I didn't know either until 2 years ago, watch this awesome Ted talk and perhaps you are one too)

What to expect in the blog?

You can expect topics on: nutrition, health, detoxification, wellness, art, Pilates, movement, food, running, plants, emotional health, business & entrepreneurship, dancing, herbs, surfing, language learning, traveling, family dynamics, books, beauty and skin care, eco fashion, environment, animals and design. (is that all?…hahaha)

My friends and family always say: ‘What is Telma up to now?’

Hence, follow along the journey to find out what I'm up to. You can do it by subscribing to the blog, and listen to the podcast. I would love to read your comments and questions below as we connect here.

Lot’s of love with sea flavour


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