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Life can be joyful, with vibrant health yet simple. An authentic and fun life awaits you if you dare.

- Telma Fjelltveit


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Get to Know Us

We strive to inspire and to empower all to achieve autonomy over their health and well-being, embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes holistic health, harmony with nature, and authenticity. 

What we Offer


My name is Telma Fjelltveit

I'm a creative and highly sensitive soul. In 2018 my pain became my teacher and I changed the whole course of my life which led me to where I am today, working with dozens of people to improve their lives.

My goal is to help you to learn how simple is to live happy and healthy.

Welcome to this authentic and exciting journey!

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What our clients say...


I knew I had to change my eating habits but never had the courage to do it,

not until Telma started posting all about her journey into a healthier lifestyle with plant-based food. "

Elizabete Cunha


I am have been vegan for two years now, and it wasn't difficult for me.

At the beginning I felt very tired but I ended up falling in love with my body again".

Déborah Ribas

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