Updated: Nov 11, 2020

This is the first article of a series in which I will discuss why saffron is so amazing, what makes it, understandably, very expensive. Let’s all learn more about this fantastic herb, plant, spice and get to use it with much more awareness and awe to our Creator. Let’s go!

Winter is coming!! Yes, it’s still November, and technically it’s still autumn, but don’t you already feel the cold air and the darker days? Seven years in Norway, and I’m still not used to the Norwegian winter. The thing is that with the dark months ahead of us, also comes depression and feeling down symptoms. The ones with clinical depression feel worse, so it's important to up our game. Not to mention that with the new Covid-19 rules, we keep feeling more and more isolated.

While I was researching the relationship between mental health and plant-based foods, I found very interesting data on saffron. Known as ‘the most expensive spice in the world’ it has several benefits on emotional problems like depression and anxiety and thought this would make an awesome article here, on the blog.