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4 Strategies Helps You Move to Action

It feels like it has been forever, since I wrote a blog post.

Today, I want to share with you 4 strategies that have been helping me the past months to act on my goals, move forward with my business, Plants From Now On and my personal life. An amazing way to counteract imposter syndrome and to use if you want to change your habits. These four strategies even helped me to launch my first raw detox retreat which was a goal of mine for the past 4 years. I'm sure they will help you too move forward.

But first, a little background

If you been following me on Instagram (that's where I'm most active), you've notice new things going on and some changes as well in my content. For example I stopped posting in portuguese (as hard of a decisition it was, it actually helped me to move forward), I restarted making/selling vegan cheese and recently started to offer raw vegan detox retreats.

Since I came back from Portugal (I spent the past winter there), I felt the need to connect more with people face to face (i'm sure the pandemic, had a lot to do with it) and focus on how to serve better my local community, here in Oslo. I still love to work online, with people from all over the world, and find it to be quite effective and necessary in many cases.

Connecting with local businesses

I have realized, that when it came to business, I was kind of on my own bubble, not connecting enough to other local businesses, nor getting to know the needs of the local community. For my surprise, I found the local community to be very welcoming, and after joining few events, I felt more part of Oslo business community, especially Oslo business women communities.

It's amazing to see that when we open up to the world around us, the tendency is for the world to open right back at us, giving us the answers we looking for.

In one of the events I went in March, we did a speed dating, where we needed to present ourselves and our businesses in 2mins. This was an amazing experience. I got to repeat out loud so many times my dream: I said something like, ''I want to help thousands of women to improve their health and lifestyle, and one way how I picture that, is having a retreat, with delicious raw foods, movement and lot's of fun.''

Every time I repeated it kind of changed a bit, but the core was the same, I want to help thousands of women to change their lifestyle and improve their health, and having a raw detox retreat would be a kind of a sign of me doing that.

This was an amazing experience. I got to repeat out loud so many times my dream...

Because I said that so many times that evening, out loud, every time i heard myself, it was becoming more and more real to me. I actually started to believe, my enthusiasm grew, and the energy of the person in front of me too. Everyone wanted to be there, and was excited for it.

I left that event, so fueld up that I almost couldn't sleep of excitement (that's me I get too excited). From there on I was determined to make it happen and so I did!

Next day I created a new Instagram account @rawdetoxretreats and started working on a page for the retreat details.

I actually started to believe, my enthusiasm grew, and the energy of the person in front of me too.

June 25th I had my first raw detox retreat!! Wow, I could not imagine that happening so soon after the business event I attended. That actually confirms the power of the group, one of the reasons I wanted to create these retreats in Oslo and other places so much.

Even though I have been living and teaching about healthy living, plant based and raw foods, for over 4 years, I still struggled to feel ready enough, and start with retreats.

The imposter syndrome would take over and say things like who are you to organize a retreat? Why would people pay to join your retreat? and the doubts continued.

The 4 strategies that helped me move forward

The first strategy is to speak out loud, repeatedly with intention of what I wanted to accomplish, I was blind to it until it triggered me to action.

Looking back however, there were 3 habits, that were the foundation for my action to take place.

I would call it then strategy number 2, work on my emotions, thoughts and learn about myself through therapy.

Strategy number 3, keep as much as I could my daily routines - sleep early/wake up early, read the bible and meditate, prayer, exercise and eat healthy.

Strategy number 4, simplify the task as much as possible. And repeatedly tell myself ''Done is better than perfect''.

It's not an easy road, it takes discipline, faith together with some good amount of tears.

Writing this post helped me to remind myself of my these four strategies for success. It's so easy to fall back to old habits. The fact that it worked out once, proves to me that it actually works. In order for me to repeat the result I need to walk in faith, and trust that the floor will be there for every step I take.

Done is better then perfect

My goal is still to help thousands of women (and men) to design their lifestyles and enjoy vibrant health. So I will keep on applying my own method.

If you reached the end of this post, I want to invite you to test out these 4 strategies. Get a friend to do try it out with you, good alone best together.

Ask, what is the thing I mostly want to do? Is it to exercise 3 times per week? Or to stop with meat or processed foods? Or you are vegan already but want to go raw?

Maybe you have been postponing accomplishing your goal?

Write it in a piece of paper, what is it, why you want to do it, when do you think you it could happen. Say it out loud repeatedly to 10 people minimum.

My initial idea was to have a 7-day retreat, closeby the sea in a beautiful place. But I decided to start with a smaller version of it, still create an awesome experience just in smaller scale, one-day retreats in Oslo forest, by the lake. Want to learn more about my raw detox retreats in Oslo check it out in here.

What about your project, your goal, how would a smaller scale look like, use your imagination. Remember ''done is better than perfect''? Now, write it down. And work towards it.

Try to apply the other three strategies, they will bring you the balance you need to act towards your goal. Find some healthy daily routines to help you with that, just be creative, you got this!

I can't wait to hear all about your goals and how it went. Feel free to share it with me in the comments below or send me a private message on my Instagram or on my email

By the way, I will give you a little spoiler, my 7 day raw detox retreat is going to happen!!! Yey! it will be in Portugal February 19th to 24th 2023 if you want to read more about it learn more here.

See you on my next post, dear ones.

With love,


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