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Can plant-based nutrition help fight the Covid-19 virus?

It's the end of October already, and unbelievably many of us are still working from home, children homeschooling, away from family and friends and perhaps not able to do the things we used to because of Covid-19 virus situation.

I have been missing my family a lot, and the social contact with friends, I guess you can relate to it. I’m definitely more appreciative of the opportunities we have to spend with the few friends and relatives that live close to us. And also we choose to make time for meaningful conversations over the phone or zoom calls with our family and friends living far away.

''This time has given me the possibility to check my priorities and learn more about myself''

When it comes to Covid-19 prevention, besides the physical hygiene and recommended social distancing, my husband and I have additionally been paying attention to our nutritional needs in order to strengthen our immune system. We eat fresh plant-based foods, fruits and veggies, and drink lots of coconut water and herbal teas.

We hear all sorts of information nowadays, on what we should do and not do, it’s almost impossible not to be frustrated or confused. That’s why I want to share with you something that might change your approach towards Covid-19, but also your everyday lifestyle. I haven’t really heard anything about it, which in my opinion it’s as important as hand-washing. Can you guess what it is? It is our internal hygiene, our nutrition!

Why is nutrition and especially fresh raw plant-based nutrition, important when dealing with a virus?

1. It Encourages Detoxification:

Our body has an extremely advanced sewage system, the Lymphatic System (which works with the Immune System). Naturally, this wonderfully designed system can get rid of stuff that does not belong to it by flushing it out.

When we feed our body fresh plant foods, like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and herbs, which are rich in water, antioxidants and fibre, we are stimulating the lymphatic system to do its cleansing job (getting rid of the bad guys: toxins, parasites, dead cells, acids, virus and unwanted stuff) through our kidneys, skin and colon.

Many of these plant foods act as scavengers, fruits like grapes, lemons, citrus, are the best scavenger foods when it comes to internal cleansing. For hydration, focus on melons, papayas, berries, all fruits are allowed, really. Vegetables are rich in minerals, and if we resist cooking them, at least in all meals, we get free energy, through the electrolytes or salts, as they are electrical conductors. Herbs stimulate the detoxification process even more.

As we eat and drink cleansing stimulating foods, this cycle improves more and more as well as our immunity against viruses.

2. It Fortifies Our Immune System:

Most people at risk zone of being seriously sick from contracting Covid-19, have their immune system compromised, and suffer from different health conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues and cancer. Many of those have been proven to be prevented and reversed by a nutritional plant-based diet. You might want to read this blog post 5 Reasons Why

Doctor T. Colin Campbell on his research, the china study, brought some very interesting thoughts on the influence of certain foods on virus type-diseases. For example, on the data collected from his investigation about the hepatitis B virus, which causes primarily liver cancer, it was found a correlation between increased antibodies and antigens with the increase of plant foods. And the opposite is true as well, an increase of animal protein, even in small amounts is correlated to lower doses of antibodies and antigens.

In conclusion, focus on what you can do to protect yourself and your family:

● Wash your hands and keep good physical hygiene (which also includes exercise, also dry skin brushing)

● Increase your intake of raw plant-based foods

● Keep a positive attitude.

Are you willing to take a further step towards a more balanced diet, to clean your body from toxins and refresh your health so that you can feel stronger, more energetic and happier, take a look at my detoxification program.

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