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GREAT NEWS!! Beta Version Group Coaching

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

It has been exactly four weeks since we started our first group coaching. I am so excited about this project and to have united such a fantastic group of like-minded women. Today I want to share with you a bit of what happened this past month. 


We started by setting goals for the month with the tool GROW – Goals, Reality, Options, Will, and slowly working on them.

This method of looking at the goals will give you a clearer view of what you want to achieve and still show compassion towards your unique process.

Exclusive Membership Content

Each of you has access to the information available in our Exclusive Membership area. 

Not a member yet? Join here

In June, you had immediate access to raw food and plant-based recipes, tutorials, shopping lists, information charts, recordings of the live sessions, and more recently, lesson one of the Plant-Based Course for Beginners. New content will be added every month.

The LIVE Coaching, how does it work?

Our first month of group coaching had two live sessions (the first one was a bonus, so we could get to know each other a little more). The second had a very exciting theme: 'The pleasure Trap' in a Temptation Setting. There I present the pleasure trap, pain avoidance, and energy conservation, the motivational triad presented by the psychologist Doug Lisle, Ph.D., and Dr. Alan Goldhamer; in connection with food and lifestyle behavioral changes. You can listen to that session in most podcast platforms such as Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, PocketCasts, RadioPublic. More podcast content will come in the coming months.  

Private Group on Facebook

A space to share tips, experiences, and motivate one another.

Is this the end?

I'm happy to announce that we will be having two more months of the beta version, at the same price, giving everyone time to keep focusing on their goals. I really count on your help, for us to grow our community while eating better and transforming ourselves.

Aren't you part of our Group Coaching yet? Join us today by clicking here. 

We are working hard to add more value to this program and help each one of you to achieve their goals joyfully.

Other ways I can help you:

Do you feel anxious about your current health condition? And want to connect to your true self, feel stronger, more energetic, and happier? Join my detoxification program, for one-to-one coaching sessions

Are you not sure if either the one-to-one or group coaching is for you? Tell me your story, send an email to .

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