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5 Amazing Tips to Get a Summer Body During Quarantine

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Eat better, feel better

Start the day by eating fresh fruits, not canned or processed. Some of my favourites to have at breakfast are papayas, watermelons, mangoes and grapes. But you can eat what you fancy, try to eat season fruits, they tend to be fresher and cheaper!

Drink a lot of liquids like smoothies, fruit or vegetable juices. Try to include more plant-based options in your day.

Extra tip: Having a big salad plate (make an inspiring one) before your main meal will allow your body to absorb the most essential nutrients before anything else.

Sleep early to wake up energised

Our hormone production gets affected, depending on our sleeping patterns. That can affect your metabolism (gain or loss of weight), mood swings can result in fatigue, which means less physical activity. When you sleep early, you get more done.

According to this study, not sleeping enough or sleeping too much is not normal and therefore associated with many diseases and short lifespan.

What can you do? Stop eating two or three hours before bedtime and avoid screens an hour before going to bed.

Extra tip: Develop a new sleeping routine, but be patient as it can take some time for your body to adjust. Soon you won’t need an alarm in the morning.

Move! Be active, always

Try to mix work-in and work-out exercises. In the Holistic community, we refer to lighter exercises, with stretching and breathing techniques such as pilates for example, as work-in exercises. And as work-out exercises these ones that demand more from you, such as cardio.

Keep in mind that consistency is more important than duration, and if you can get your body moving for at least ten minutes every day, awesome! You might be able to increase the time to 15 minutes, and soon, you will be able to do a good work-in and work-out routine for 45 to 60 minutes every day!

Be aware of your thoughts

Stress management is a big thing! One reason that many of us don’t succeed in keeping a healthy lifestyle is that we believe in some thoughts like I can’t do it, It’s way too hard, I tried before, and it doesn’t work. Emotional health is so much in play as mental health.

What can you do? Try to understand if those thoughts are absolutely true, or just an old story you keep telling yourself.

Extra tip: Journal your thoughts, and remember if they don’t serve you anymore, replace them with thoughts that will bring out your best version.

Get yourself a partner or join a community

We are social beings. It’s true that this new situation we are all facing, being isolated or always at home, makes it all more complicated. But don’t just give up yet. You can still Skype or Zoom your buddy and get your husband or children to join you. Many gyms have created online classes that you can also join.

You will probably hear me talk about our group coaching, a new feature that I’m still testing, which is also a way for you to connect with like-minded people and get your summer body from home. Check it out here.

Extra tip: Start today, don’t wait until Monday. Your change starts inside you this minute.

Keep an eye to my Instagram, next week, I will be making a series of lives where I will talk more in-depth about each one of those tips. See you there!

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