5 Facts to Understand Protein Better

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Protein is always the topic when talking about nutrition, diet and exercise. If you are considering going plant-based, I am sure you've asked yourself "Where do I get my protein from?" Continue reading, I'll tell you.

Different Sources of protein
Different Sources of protein

1. What is protein?

Protein is a complex organic compound, made by long chains of amino acids. The proteins

in our body basically contain 20 amino acids, from which 12 the body can adequately make and the other 8 we need to get through food.

Protein needs to be broken down by digestion into simpler compounds, so that the amino acids can be utilised by the body. Proteins are the building blocks and carriers used for growth and repair of tissue. They are not used by the body as fuels like the carbohydrates.