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What they didn't tell You about Ketogenic Diets!

Sometime in 2012 me and a friend really wanted to go down in weight. At that time, I was about 15+ my ideal weight. And since we had heard of a nutritionist that had success helping his patients to go down in weight in a very short amount of time. We're on it!

He took blood tests, measured our blood pressure and so he began explaining:

- You will eat meat, fich, chicken, eggs, cheese, yogurt, butter, all animal products, very little salad. No tomato, no fruits beside avocado. No grains at all, no starchy veggies like potatoes.

I asked: But what about all the fat, I thought the fat was a problem. Shouldn’t I eat more veggies and fruits?

- No, don’t you worry. This is for the first months. Your body will go to a ketosis process. Later we introduce those foods again, slowly.

My friend and I were a bit unsure, 'no fruits?' but 'lots of fat?'. It sounded strange! But we thought he is a doctor, for sure he knows what he’s doing.

It was easier, to ignore our common sense and sense of responsibility, and just follow someone’s advice, without having to put on the time and energy to do research on the subject.

Into the first month and a half, we both lost a lot of weight. I think I had lost between 7-9 kilos and we were super happy with the results. At least it worked, the whole suffering was worth it. With one more month to go, we just couldn’t take it anymore! I was eating way too much meat, feeling nauseous and bored of my food. I also missed eating fruits. Not to mention that my constipation got even worse.

We continued for a few more weeks and then stopped. No need to tell you that as we slowly start incorporating the other foods, we gained our weight all back.

For the next few years I did this diet, for 2 more times. Because I knew it worked, at least for a short time. I just didn’t know how much health risks were associated with it.

What are LCHF diets all about?

As the words suggest, Low Carbohydrate, High Fat. The Carbohydrate intake can be as low as 5-10% and Fat intake can be as high as 60-80% Fat.

The Low Carbohydrates High Fat Diets (LCHF) also known as Ketogenic diets, come in different forms: Zero Carb, Keto, Vegan Keto, Atkins, Paleo, Low Carb Mediterranean, etc. It seems like every week a new diet pops up, mostly in the form of a LCHF, with slight touch-ups.

Why so much fuzz around Low Carb diets?

Most people, like I used to be, want to lose weight very fast. And hopefully with the minimum effort needed.

Yes, ketogenic diets will for sure make you lose weight fast! The question is at what cost?

In this study, a comparison was made between keto diets and high carb diets. The results showed that there is more body fat loss in a high carbohydrate diet than in a low carbohydrate, high fat. Most of the weight loss was in fact associated with fat-free muscle and bone loss. The body also starts to break down protein into amino acids to be used as fuel instead of the natural fuel for the cells which is ‘glucose’.

It’s true that ketogenic diets promote the lower intake of highly processed carbohydrates, like potato chips, processed sugary foods, etc, and that is beneficial for the body. But, that’s it! As much as you want to lose weight (which we have established, it could be more muscle and bone mass than body fat mass), it shouldn’t be at your own health cost.

What are the problems associated with Ketogenic diets?

What is the best diet for humans?

A sustainable, fresh, colorful diet. A high carbohydrate diet should be 80% or more rich in carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are found whole and fresh in nature. Not processed carbs are included.

A plant-based diet, rich in raw foods - fruits and vegetables is the best fitted diet for humans. Read our article ‘5 Reasons Why You Should Go Plant-Based’

This is an anti-inflammatory diet, rich in nutrients, preventive diet against most illnesses and it is also building up your immune system and gives you the ideal healthy weight.

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