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Pilates for ALL - Transform your body, mind & heart with intuitive Pilates

Movement can be really fun and reconnect you to yourself and others. Start where you are at.

Welcome to Intuitive Pilates for ALL. Pilates is a form of exercise that trains the body's core muscles, strengthening legs, back, neck and joints.

Presented by Telma Fjelltveit,
Pilates Instructor & Nutritional Detox Coach

Intuitive Pilates is a mat Pilates, where we take Pilates to another level, it works with your body, mind and heart. Even though I've been trained in Classical Pilates, in my classes I take a holistic approach and include different techniques that will benefit your performance and empower you to be your authentic self. 

Pilates Classes Online.png

What are the advantages of ONLINE Pilates?

1. Flexibility & Convenience

2. Accessibility

3. Cost-Effective

4. Privacy

5. Consistency

6. Recorded Sessions

7. Comfort

8. Community & Support

9. Progress Tracking

10. Variety of Workouts

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Why are our classes different?


Hands down - the best Pilates class I have ever taken! Telma is an exceptional pilates teacher, motivating, attentive and caring. Her instructions are clear and motivating. She has also created a vibrant community around her classes, connecting the students of her class. Thank you for all the great classes Telma and looking forward to the next one!


Telma is such a positive and motivating pilates teacher! Also really great at adapting the classes to meet each students individual needs.


Dyktig og veldig hyggelig instruktør. Jeg lærte pilates fra grunnen med veldig god veiledning.


I really enjoy Thelma's lessons. They're thoroughly planned, flow and are challenging. I love the language she uses and her descriptions make it easier to get each exercise right.


What do you get on this Online Pilates Membership?

Practicing Yoga
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community Pilates Oslo

Live Class Schedule STARTS OCTOBER 23rd 

MONDAYS 19:00 Oslo Time on ZOOM

Do you have any questions?

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