The 7-Day Fruit Detox Challenge



Improve your digestion


The 7-Day Fruit Detox Challenge

Be inspired to make the change and welcome NEW YOU. In this challenge, you will accelerate your journey into a healthy lifestyle. The challenge motivates you to push boundaries, learn self-control, and reset the body into their new self. The most exciting is that the challenge increases the togetherness that a community brings.

What does it include?

  • Two Daily Live Zoom video-calls for 7 days.

  • Pilates morning routine for 30 mins for the 7 days.

  • Seven coaching-calls for 30 mins each; for answering questions, lessons on detox, fasting, weight loss, better digestion, sugar in fruit, getting rid of addictions, nutritional values, what to eat & what not to eat, exercise, tips for success, emotional support, breaking the fast. 

  • Live Recordings available to you for the next six months.

  • Gift 1: A Pre-Challenge Coaching call August the 7th, 19:30 Oslo Time.

  • Gift 2: One extra Coaching-Call on the 8th day to answer questions and to help you maintain a healthy diet after the fruit detox week.

  • Gift 3: An invitation to our Live Group Coaching in August.

  • Gift 4: A discount of 50% on One-on-One Coaching * for Easy Transition to a Plant-Based Diet. Which includes a 30 mins one-on-one call, nutritional assessment, and a custom-tailored meal plan.   * This doesn't include the detox program. 

What are the benefits of this Challenge?

  • Cleanse from Toxins: this challenge will encourage your natural detoxification process by activating your lymphatic system. You will also increase your sense of smell, taste, and hearing.

  • Your skin will become tighter and clearer: Fruits are great to help your body to repair tissue, especially the astringent ones. And they hydrate you.

  • Improved Digestion: you'll feel so much better after a meal and save more energy as you digest better.

  • Bowels will move better: Get your bowel movements one or more times daily and feel happy again.

  • Get rid of Pain: (get rid of acids): Acidity brings pain, and it equals to inflammation. Get rid of acids that burn you and you will feel new again.

  • Get rid of Addictions (it gives you a kickstart): Addictions whether of certain 'foods' or drugs, have a strong power over us, a change to a clean lifestyle will initiate the process and make it so much easier.

  • Increased intake of nutritionally rich foods: Get in more nutrition than ever before.

  • Nutritional Education: Get more clarity on nutrition topics and the human body from a natural and evidence-based perspective.

  • Increased Self-control: Building more self-control whether on your food choices or lifestyle choices, will make you have better control over what happens to you. 

  • Weight-loss: If losing weight has been a hassle for you this is about to change, this challenge will get you there.                                      * If you want to gain weight, you should know that during detox you will always lose some weight as you change your diet. The body cleans up before start building up again.

  • Increased Energy: This is an exciting part of this program. You will get so much more energy from fruits.

  • More Mental & Physical Strength: The combination of food and exercise will give you more physical strength.

  • Increased Awareness: You will get much more alert, your memory will improve.

  • More Joy: As I say, Eat better, feel better :)​ 

  • Reconnection with the Natural world: You will feel much closer to who you are, and find things to work on. You will also feel incline to be closer to nature.

  • Much more... I can't wait to hear your experiences :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for you that want to switch to a healthier lifestyle and need some inspiration. You want to gain more energy, be more productive, lose weight, and re-set your lifestyle. Looking for inspiration and community to support you on your journey. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Medical Disclaimer

What if I'm diabetic or take other type of medicine?

If you are having a blood sugar issue, low glycemic or high glycemic you will need some follow-up. Blood sugars and blood pressure will adjust itself, but you need to be aware of how much medicine you take, and keep watching your blood sugar levels and pressure more closely. Always talk to your health practitioner, not to be taking more medication than you actually need. This is very IMPORTANT. Before you decide to sign up send us an email to so we can give you more personalised help. Please read our Terms and Conditions and Medical Disclaimer.

Do I get to keep the challenge?

Yes! You will get access to the Live Recordings so you can re-watch them anytime you need. Access is up to six months. If you are part of the group coaching already, you will have access to it as long you are a member.

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