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Alero, Mrs - Mum & Image Consultant

I was feeling frustrated and uninspired with my plant-based journey, when life brought Telma and I together via Instagram.

Her nurturing guidance kept me going, I looked on her page everyday for inspiration and I often found lovely food to make that were easy and not daunting as a newbie plant-based person.


Ashley, Mrs - Graphic Designer

I eat A LOT with a good conscience, lost 7-10 kilos in just 3 months - zero exercise, great for people who are unable to move a lot due to illness, but want to lose weight and/or just be healthy. Anyway, I couldn't have done it without Telma. I 100% recommend!

Tia Bety_edited.jpg

Liz, Ms - Accountant

I knew I had to change my eating habits but never had the courage to do it, not until Telma started posting all about her journey into a healthier lifestyle with plant-based  food. 

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