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General Questions

What is Plants from Now On mission?

To provide transformational tools, inspiring a positive and healthy lifestyle, encouraging people to attain their full potential and optimal vitality. Plants From Now On sees life as a wonderful present from the Creator of all things, respecting, appreciating and treating with great care everyone that embarks on this journey with us. We are passionate about what we do and honoured to serve and be part of your path to healthy living. We commit to empathise with your pain, individual process, listening to your needs and goals and offering you a personalised service the best we can. 

Our channels, blog, social media profiles, masterclasses and upcoming podcast are used to share free content about nutrition. Our community is inclusive, welcoming all and everyone who has an interest in gaining awareness on the power of plants.

What programs do you offer?

We offer Detox Coaching programs (a one-on-one service),  Raw Detox Circle  and Retreats.

Are your programs only for women?

No, they are for everyone. Our Raw Detox Circle, has mostly women in it, but would love to have some men there too. So feel welcomed. 

Where to find/contact you?

We are located in Olaf Helsets vei 5, 0694 Oslo, Norway.

Contact us by email at
On social media: Instagram and Facebook

Send us a WhatsApp msg or Call us: +47 980 35 034

What do you mean by raw food, plant-based diet?

A raw food, plant-based diet consists of eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and sprouts, excluding grains and animal products. 

I just want to lose weight, what program is best for me?

All our programs will help you to lose weight. But maybe doing it with other people, as part of a community will be a good motivator factor for you to continue on your healthy journey. Read more the question Whom is Raw Detox Circle for?

Why don't you use animal products in your programs, won’t I lack protein, minerals like Iron and Calcium?

Our programs are meat-free because we believe and research has shown that animal products do not respect our physiological needs, are highly acidic, provoking inflammatory action in our bodies, depleting us from essential nutrients like minerals, especially calcium. You can find minerals like iron and calcium in plant foods, which are the first source of minerals (remember minerals come from the soil, animals themselves need to eat plant foods to have minerals) And NO, you won’t lack protein by switching to a high raw food, plant-based diet. 

Please read this blog post What’s wrong with meat?  and 5 Facts to Understand Protein Better

What about vitamin B12, and other supplements, will I need it?

B12 it’s a vitamin made by bacteria, which is a result of their organic eating matter and then ‘popping’. In a healthy human gut, bacteria in intestines and mucosa still produce B12. You can decide to supplement it, but ask yourself whether your gut is absorbing it! That is why detoxification is important. 

Vitamin D is a very important component for health, and the easiest and cheaper way to get it is 30 mins of sunshine every day. With no sunblock on, and very little clothes. We that live in the northern areas, may find it difficult, so you might choose to supplement if you wish to. 

When it comes to supplements in general, you need to know that commercial supplements (vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.) are not easily assimilated by the body (absorption and utilisation are crucial elements), as they are isolated ingredients, and the body doesn't recognise them as a natural stable ingredients, so they can have possible side effects. 

Detox Coaching Program

How do I know if the Detox Program is for me?

This program is for you if you are committed and believe that true transformation through food is possible. You need to be conscious that true change starts from within and takes time to happen, it is important to be compassionate and understand your unique needs and take into account your journey. 

I’m pregnant or breastfeeding, should I do the Detox Program?

Yes, you can! During pregnancy or breastfeeding you can eat a high raw diet as much as possible. You can add some steam veggies if you feel the need. But we encourage you to keep away from wheat, meats and dairy products. When it comes to herbs, some herbs are safe during pregnancy, while others are not safe at all. We will suggest what herbs to consume and the ones you should keep away. It’s always important to do thorough research and use common sense. But the choice is always yours. 

I want to get pregnant, should I do the detox before?

Yes, definitely! We recommend you to eat as raw as possible, especially fruits. Changing your diet and adding a herbal protocol long way before your pregnancy it’s a way to prepare your body, your reproductive organs to receive a life, a child. In fact, the father can also prepare his body too. Babies are half of the mother and the mom’s genes, remember? 

What if I’m allergic to fruits, or nuts or other plant foods, can I still do the Detox Program?

Yes, you can! It’s important to remember that allergies are a way our body tries to communicate with us. It’s not normal, but a reaction. If you are allergic to certain plant foods, we can exclude them from the program and let your body heal first. With time, you will find it easier to include them again in your diet.

I have diabetes, and I’m taking insulin, can I still do this program?

Yes, you must! If you are taking insulin, it’s very IMPORTANT that you keep an eye on your numbers and are followed up by your physician, as the detox will help you reduce the insulin dosage. Some people forget to do that, and then their numbers drop way too much. When it comes to diabetes we should not fear simple carbohydrates. It’s true that some people will react to the fruit sugar (even though it’s a natural sugar), but it’s a dysfunction on their body’s system to process the sugar. The Detox Program will help your body approach the root problem that is causing such dysfunction. Depending on your situation, it might be that at the beginning of your detox program, you might focus more on greens.


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I have high blood pressure and take medication for it, can I still take do the Detox Program?

Yes, you should! Many research studies have shown that high blood pressure it’s one of the easiest things to reverse with a high raw plant-based diet. What you should be watching it’s your high blood pressure numbers as well as having your physician monitor them. This is very important! As numbers can drop really quickly. So you might need to reduce medication or stop taking it.


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What if I don’t want to lose weight, will the Detox Program make me lose weight?

Yes, it will! Losing weight it’s part of the healing journey, as your body is getting rid of old plaque, mucus, fat and toxins. You are not losing weight because you are under-eating. In fact you will be eating much more than before. If you already struggle putting weight on, you are probably not absorbing well the nutrients from the foods you eat. That’s the reason that cleansing your gut, and your pancreas and then strengthening will help you to absorb nutrition better. Don’t fear your body’s natural way to fix the problems. You will put the weight back on. 

Can athletes or someone that exercises very often take the Detox Program?

Yes of course! When you are an athlete or doing vigorous exercise, you are also producing a lot more acid on your body and can easily can injure yourself. This not only causes pain but it can be harder for your kidneys to filter out. This is especially true if your kidneys have been running for long on acidic, inflammatory diets, rich in animal products. A high raw food diet, it’s not only alkaline, anti-inflammatory but also energising. We would recommend you as much as you can to diminish the extreme vigorous exercise at the beginning of your program, to encourage the kidneys to filter better. While a herbal protocol would be advisable, you are free just to do the diet protocol. 

Do you sell the herbs for the herbal protocol?

No, we don’t! We work with Dr Morse Herbs and you can not buy the herbs in Norway, as they are not allowed to be shipped here. You can order them yourself or we can order them for you, and it will be sent to the address you require (other European countries that it can be shipped to), and you can bring it with you, ONLY for your personal use for the maximum period of 3 months. When you order herbs from Dr Morse Herbs UK, through us, we receive a 6% as part of the practitioner's affiliate program. It does not affect your invoice price.

What is an Iris Assessment?

Iris assessment is used as a complement to the health assessment. This should not be viewed as a diagnose method. This analysis is done using a technique called iridology. Iridology it’s a study of the iris which gives us clues of physiological conditions, psychological health risks, the reflex condition of various organs and systems and its weaknesses and/or strengths. Your inherited tendencies compounded by toxic accumulations in various parts of your body are also revealed. The iris is the most complicated tissue structure of the whole body.

FAQ-detox program
FAQ-Grow Community

Raw Detox Circle

What will I get on this Coaching Program?

Access to a range of resources: informative facts about food and nutrition, recipes, cooking tutorials, shopping lists, challenges, exercise videos, how to adapt and make conscious choices for your meals, and much more. Plus, a group coaching call with Telma every month. The platform is updated on a monthly basis, so you will always have access to new content.

Why should I join Raw Detox Circle?

You will find an international community of like-minded people, who will motivate and keep you accountable through your journey. You’ll have access to past resources, and premium access to all the new content in the platform, plus ebooks, retreats, training videos, workshops and giveaways.

Do I need to be raw vegan or plant-based to join?

No, you don’t. The only requirements are to be committed, to have an open mind and heart and a desire to learn and change for the better. The purpose of GROW is to inform you about good nutrition so that you can start making smarter choices, get more energy from what you eat, and consequently, feel good about yourself. 

I am not sure this is for me, what if I don’t want to be a member anymore?

Our door is always open for those who want to enter, and for those who choose to leave. With the monthly membership, you have the flexibility of leaving after 30 days; this will give you the opportunity to experiment and see if the community is for you, or not. No strings attached. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. 

I want to lose weight, will Raw Detox Circle help me with that?

Losing weight is a consequence of balanced and healthy eating. We are not a slimming program, and although you can lose weight, I cannot guarantee it will happen in one, two or three months. I encourage you to try for one month to see for yourself what GROW has to offer and how it can help you achieve your goals. It’s important to always be gentle with yourself, with your body. And remember, truthful and meaning change only happens with dedication and the understanding of what benefits your body, needs and your unique journey.  

What if I don’t have time?

You will have access to the platform 24/7, and while I always encourage people to attend the live sessions, if you can’t do it, you are able to watch the recording after.

Do I need to be on the Live Calls every month or can I just watch the recordings?

No, you don’t. The recordings will be available on the platform as soon as possible. But it would be awesome to get to know you better and beneficial to your own progress to get to know the other members of the community. You can also join our facebook group to get to know other members of our Raw Detox Circle.

I don't live in Oslo nor Norway, can I still purchase the Raw Detox Circle program?

Yes, you can! The recordings will be available on the platform as soon as possible. You can also join our facebook group to get to know other members of our Raw Detox Circle.

Yes! A 1:1 detox coaching session will always be advisable if you want to have a closer follow-up and a kickstart. The circle is an extension of our detox coaching program. There you will not only learn about detox and raw foods, you will also get to meet fantastic women that are on the same journey as you, among other things. It's definitely a way to get you to apply all the things you learn on a detox session. 

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