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I knew I had to change my eating habits but never had the courage to do it,

not until Telma started posting all about her journey into a healthier lifestyle with plant-based food. "

Elizabete Cunha, Angola


My body started eliminating the toxins and regenerating...

One of the biggest results has been to be able to get rid of my constipation problem, every morning I'm able to move my bowels without any problem"

Gerson Ribas, USA

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How food re-education and lifestyle-change, gave me a life free of pain

I was hypertensive, suffered from constipation, chronic pain for decades, and lack of energy. Perfect example that it's never too late to change as I did that at 62 years old. Thank you Telma!

Fernanda Ribeiro, Angola

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This was the first programme that I didn't feel hungry, and I lost weight, I really enjoyed it

For years I struggled with diets, doing a lot of exercise, and still after all this sacrifice and feeling hungry, was not reaching my goal of weight loss. After following Telma's detox program I learned how to eat well, and not feel hungry again. I lost a lot of weight without suffering. 

Erika Paiva, UK

I loved how my body react to it and all the energy I had.


I feel better now. I look forward to have more sessions with Telma and look how my body will change"

Brigitte, Norway


Deep and passionate knowledge, positive and enthusiastic.

Had the pleasure of having her in our house for a raw cooking evening. It was a lot of fun and inspiring. She is very helpful and has a lot of personal interest. I recommend her to everyone curious about living more healthy."

Heidi Herculano, Norway


I highly recommend it for who is seeking to start a healthy journey with all the goodies and benefits of plant-based lifestyle

"I am a health coach myself and I decided to attend the workshop with Telma from Plants From Now because I believe there is always room to learn. The information she shared was amazingly valuable for actual and future plant-based eaters. The biggest impact it had on me was to remind myself of the abundance of the foods available in a raw plant-based way of eating and what it can do for our health and vitality. I highly recommend it for who is seeking to start a healthy journey with all the goodies and benefits of plant-based lifestyle”

Rosana Fick - Holistic Health Coach, Senegal 


I was feeling frustrated and uninspired with my plant-based journey, when life brought Telma and I together via Instagram.

Her nurturing guidance kept me going, I looked on her page everyday for inspiration and I often found lovely food to make that easy and not daunting as a newbie plant-based person."

Alero, UK


love this new lifestyle! no more calorie counting.
I learned to listen to my body...

''Before working with Telma, I had been struggling with my weight and it was frustrating. I suffered from constipation, pollen allergy, and a strong pain in my left thigh and had to take meds for that.
I'm a mum of 3, so when I heard about Telma's program, at once I feared not having time, energy and the discipline to prepare different food for my family and still eat healthy.
But Telma's focus on foods from nature for healing really resonated with me, it took me back home. It just sounded right! So I jumped in it. I'm so happy that I did it.
I lost 20kgs in 6 months. My constipation is gone, my leg pain has decreased a lot, my allergies have improved a lot, I sleep so much better and I have more energy than ever before.
What I mostly love about this new lifestyle is the freedom to eat from all the plant foods and no calorie counting. I learned to listen to my body and feel much more connected with myself.
Telma's program is INVALUABLE, and I can't recommend enough.''

Abigail Ekuman, Norway


I eat A LOT with a good conscience, lost 7-10 kilos in just 3 months

- zero exercise, great for people who are unable to move a lot due to illness, but want to lose weight and/or just be healthy. Anyway, I couldn't have done it without Telma. I 100% recommend it!"

Ashley Bjørnsrud, Norway

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