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Raw Detox Retreats

Welcome to our retreats...  they focus on health and wellness through detoxification, different therapies and techniques, like raw foods, Pilates, movement, arts, music, creation wonder, and tissue manipulation, and detox talks etc.

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What to expect from our retreats?

The word R E T R E A T can mean to withdraw, take some time away, to relax and have some quiet time. Our retreats will give you and your body this possibility. To listen to your body and take care of your health you first need to learn or understand its language.

Above all we want you to leave our retreats full of joy and hope, knowing you have a choice to live your life fully.

Our retreats include fully raw vegan meals and drinks, Pilates classes, and detox talks (different therapies and other guests could come in).


Note that our retreats are active, so be prepared for a good workout day, and great discussions. We have one-Day, weekend and one-week Retreats.

Next Retreat Dates 2022:

One-day Retreat - August 27th Oslo, The Well Spa Hotel (Finding Joy in your Weight-Loss Journey) 

Prices: 2990,- pp (early-bird price until monday 15th) 3350,- pp after the 15th 3990,- 2 days before the event.

Welcome to our one-day raw detox retreat where we will focus on finding joy in your weight-loss journey.
This time we are at The Well Spa Hotel, yes!!! About 37 mins away from Oslo S, with direct bus. An amazing experience that we all deserve! All included! 

Weekend Retreat - September 23-25th Oslo (Finding Peace within you and others)  7990,- pp

In this weekend retreat we will focus on finding peace within you and others. This will be a 2 night stay in The Well Spa Hotel (5 star). We will do Pilates classes everyday, eat delicious raw vegan meals, lectures and discussions, while enjoy the spa facilities, play and share experiences together. All included!

7-Day Retreat - February 19th-26th 2023 Portugal (Limited to 16pp) learn more here!

Welcome to our 7-day Raw Detox Retreat in a Eco Villa, 40 km from Lisbon, Portugal with theme in 'Courage to Change' focusing on getting you to unlock your potential for self-healing and increase your health and wellness.

For that courage to face your inner fears and learn how to deal with traumas, physical or emotional in order to reestablish ownership of your body and mind, of yourself.

Join us for one whole week with only raw vegan foods, daily Pilates classes, detoxification workshop, alternative cognitive therapy workshop and raw food making workshop.

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