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Do it yourself the BEST CHEESES for
who is intolerant, allergic, vegan or vegetarian!

Our Story

In 2019 I got inspired by my husband's love of cheese and started to make my own vegan cheese. My goal was to recreate something that would resemble the traditional cheese as much as possible but still keep its integrity of what I believe to be a healthy, vegan, and conscious product.

Little I knew it was the start of a cheese making business. Our vegan cheese, called Honest Sheese, quickly received a lot of love from the vegan community, and was name by our customers best vegan cheese. We have presented our vegan cheese 2 years in the row at Oslo Vegetarian Festival, Norway's (and Scandinavia's!) largest plant-based event and gathers over 6,600 visitors each year. 


After making so much cheese, I have decided to share the recipe with people in form of a course, because in this way more people would be impacted by having access to making their own vegan cheese in the comfort of their home. 

May this year, we had our first opening class for the our Honest Sheese, and we had such a big crowd of people showing up for our vegan cheese course.

Now our online course is up and running!!

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I've been eating the cashew spread for lunch all week and it has totally revolutionised being at work. So good to finally have something fresh and healthy with bread.

Henrietta, Oslo

"Finally a fantastic cheese perfect for wine night! Grilla Chicka Spice is the favorite, but the Camembert was sooooo good 🤩🤩🤩Thank you @honestsheese"

Nina, Oslo

"Seriously the best cheese I have tried in many years!👏👏👏"

Liv, Oslo

"The camembert from @honestsheese was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Eating it is like an explosion of flavours in my mouth. I LOVE IT!🤤"

Lunacia, Oslo

"The world’s best vegan cheese!😍😭"

Linn, Oslo

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What will you learn?

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- Fermentation Process -
Learn our approach to cheese fermentation. We use something called light fermenting and you will learn step by step to do it successfully.
- Flavouring and Moulding -
That's when we get the flavour to the taste right. Alchemy is ON! We also want to have the shape of our desire right.
- Firming and Aging Process -
Many asked me how do you get the cheese firm? In this process together with the maturing or aging you will be able to reach a decent firm cheese.
- Artistry and Serving -
Your cheese is ready! Now you will just get your creative juices going to create the most epic cheese board you dreamed of.
Vegan cheese guarantee

Healthy Conscious, And Delicious

Our cheese is made from natural, plant ingredients, with very little processing. We focus in creating epic recipes, that will blow away your taste buds while keeping its healthy integrity. We believe that deliciousness can be preserved without compromising our health, environment and animals. 

150 €

75 €

Access to vegan cheese course

Still not sure?

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