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The 30-Day Raw Till 4 Detox Challenge

Are you ready? Our Challenge Starts on February 27th

Be INSPIRED to make the HEALTHY food CHOICES that taste good too. In this challenge, you will accelerate your journey into a healthy lifestyle. The challenge motivates you to get started on your health goals, eat healthier meals and to support you through the start of your journey. 

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What does it include?

  • 90 Raw Vegan Recipes in form of weekly plans 

  • Two weekly Q&As Zoom video-calls during the challenge. 

  • Support Community Group with daily audio support.

  • Access to Raw Detox Circle community for 30 days.

  • Access to this Challenge available to you for lifetime.

CHOOSE Your Level Challenge: 


What are the benefits of this Challenge?

  • Learn to make simple, delicious and healthy meals.

  • Weight-loss: Did you make any new year resolution and already feel like you out of line? No worries you are covered. Your weight loss is about to start without you going hungry or losing your mind.

  • Increase intake of nutritionally rich foods: Fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds are packed with healthy proteins, healthy carbs and healthy fats. 

  • Your skin will become tighter and clearer: Fruits and veggies are great to help your body to repair tissue, especially the astringent ones. And they hydrate you.

  • Improved Digestion: you'll feel so much better after a meal and save more energy as you digest better.

  • Bowels will move better: Constipation is one of the first to go. Get your bowel movements one or more times daily and feel happy again.

  • Get rid of Pain: (get rid of acids): Acidity brings pain, and it equals to inflammation. Get rid of acids that burn you and you will feel renewed.

  • Mental Clarity & Physical Strength: Raw foods give you the nourishment you need and leave you light at the same time, without lethargy, nor bloating like other foods might do.

  • Increased Awareness & Energy: You will get much more alert, your memory will improve, you will feel more power to do your tasks.

  • More Joy: As I say, Eat better, feel better :)​ 

  • Much more... I can't wait to hear your experiences :)

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