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Raw Detox Retreat

Weight-loss can be a joyful experience with no shame.


Facilitated by Telma Fjelltveit,
the Raw Detox Coach

Telma is a regenerative detoxification specialist, plant-based and raw foodist nutrition expert. She herself been through a weigh-loss and chronic pain transformation. Today she teaches women to lose weight with no shame and attain to healthy living. 

In this retreat we will focus on

Sample of Schedule (What's included?)

08:30 Welcome info & Drinks

09:00 60-minute morning Pilates session
10:00 Spa*

11:00 Guided Detox Session 1 (snacks and drinks)

12:15 Raw Vegan Brunch 
13:30 Enjoy some time to yourself, connect with other, have a siesta, use the spa*, grab a book, and relax near the poolside
15:30 Special Treatment
16:30 Guided Detox Session 2 (Snacks and drinks)
17:45 Raw Vegan Dinner
20:00 Conclusion and Mingling

*Use of Spa Facilities (Saunas, pools, jacuzzi, baths and different showers) 

Note: This is a one-day Raw Vegan retreat, that means that all food served is vegan and raw (not cooked).

The use of spa facilities does not include other treatments like massages, facials or other therapeutic treatments. You can order and pay those treatments on your own, while on our breaktime. 

Place and Time for the retreat

The retreat is on

 Saturday August 27th 08:30 to 20:00

in The Well Spa Hotel, Oslo. (About 37mins from Oslo S with direct bus-81)


Retreat early-bird price: 2990,- NOK

from August 15th price: 3350,- NOK

(last opportunity) 72hours before if available 3990,- NOK

Get ready for an awesome experience

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