What’s wrong with meat anyway?

    Updated: Dec 17, 2019

    Many of us grew up in a culture of eating meat in any form (dairy, fish, eggs or beef) three times a day. So is quite natural to ask the question above. It wasn't long ago, I didn't understand why eating meat was that bad. Until I found out that eating meat is...

    It’s linked to heart disease

    Is true that some heart disease patients could be genetically predisposed to the disease, but we still can alter the environment where those genes will live. We should actually be more aware of inherited eating habits.

    What is heart disease?

    Heart disease also known as atherosclerosis, affects many people today. It is also known as the hardening of arteries, where a ‘plaque’ is built-up inside the blood vessels, blocking the normal blood flow causing injury to the endothelial lining of arteries.

    What causes plaque in the first place?

    The western diet rich in meats, fish, dairy products, caffeine, sugar, and oils. Looking at cultures like the Okinawans which were eating predominantly a plant-based diet we see the connection why they did not have heart disease among them.

    3 reasons animal products contribute to heart disease:

    - It decreases the production of nitric oxide, ‘a gas which is the guardian and lifejacket of our blood vessels’ - Dr. Esselstyn, CB Jr.

    - The bacteria from meat-eaters gut produces TMAO- trimethylamine which in turn promotes injury in the blood vessels.

    - Increases cholesterol and fat, acting as pro-inflammatory agents. Which are not only causing blood vessel injury but also kidney failure in connection with diabetes (no wonder many with diabetes develop heart disease).

    It’s linked to obesity

    High protein diets (especially from animal sources) are toxic, acid-forming and mucus-forming. They burn and create inflammation in your tissues. When high protein diets are consumed over a period of time, the kidneys fail to eliminate properly. Therefore, animal foods highly affect the normal functioning of your Adrenal glands and Thyroid glands, responsible for weight management. To overcome this highly acidic medium, the body will increase even more its natural anti-acid, cholesterol to fight it.

    Having our adrenal and thyroid not functioning not only are we on the obesity route but also on disease route.

    Animal foods come with fat and cholesterol.

    They don’t have fiber, so don’t help you during the digestion process.

    Animal foods deprive you from not only eating enough fiber, but from all the essential nutrients that comes from a plant-based diet, like antioxidants, astringents, vitamins, minerals, not to mention water, which will keep you highly hydrated.

    It's bad for the environment

    3 ways mass meat production affects our planet

    Water Footprint

    According to one report it takes about 15415 litres water to produce 1 kilo of bovine meat. In which 98% accounts for the animal feed, crops and 2% for the water the cows drink. That’s a lot of water!

    Land Footprint

    Another aspect is, it takes much more land to grow crops for feeding animals than to feed people those crops.

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions Footprint

    Methane release, due to ruminant’s digestive system and manure (poop) decomposition contaminates the soil, water and air. Nitrous oxide gas from extreme amounts pesticides and fertilizers used on crops also contaminates soil, water and air.

    Carbon dioxide release due to deforestation for crops land use. As a result, environment and human health is affected.


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    More info on adrenal glands and thyroid with obesity please check this great book by Robert Morse, N.D. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.2004; 5:164-165B.

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