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Did you say... Plant-based Plum Pie?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Plum season is here! During August, September and October you can find a variety of plums everywhere around Norway, red, yellow, purple or blue. Did you know that plums have been growing in Norway since the 16th Century? No wonder they are a favourite of many people. 


fresh plums

In Norwegian, the word for plum is ‘’plommer’’, not so different from English, right?

Did you know that plums are a natural laxative? Yes, because of their natural fibre, both soluble and insoluble. They also have an antioxidant, dihydroxy phenyl isatin, which stimulates our intestines, contributing to our bowel movements. 

Plums boost our overall health. They are a great source of vitamin A, beta carotene, responsible for better vision, as well as many other nutrients, like vitamins B, C, phosphorus, etc.

Today I want to inspire you to take advantage of the plum season by sharing with you my latest delicious plant-based recipe. As you already know in Plants From Now On, our recipes are not only vegan but also oil-free, gluten-free and lactose-free, not to mention super healthy.


homemade plant-based plum pie


6 fresh plums for the filling


2 cups almond flour * (keep your flour in the freezer for some hours)

⅛ cup coconut milk (you might need less, check the moisture you need)

2 flaxseed eggs (2 tbsp golden flaxseed flour + ¼ cup warm water)

pinch of Himalayan salt


6 plums in small pieces

1 cup dry plums (you can substitute with other dry fruits like raisins)

How to prepare:

1. Turn the oven on at 200 degrees Celsius.

Mix all the crust ingredients with your hands until you form a homogeneous mixture. Lay it on the pie form (I used a common 26 cm with removable bottom) and try not making the crust too thick nor too thin. I would say about 0,5 cm or a little less. Make some holes with a fork. And put it back on the fridge but be careful not to let it be in touch with humidity

homemade plant-based plum pie ingredients

2. Start working on your jam.

Process the jam ingredients on a food processor until smooth

homemade plant-based plum pie ingredients

3. Now, put your pie crust in the oven and reduce the temperature to about 175 degrees Celsius, for about 10 minutes.

4. During that time prepare the filling, cut your fresh plums in the shape you like.

5. Take out the pie, add the jam and the fresh plums, and make it look pretty (you might not need all the jam).

The pie goes back in the oven for another 15 mins or so.

homemade plant-based plum pie

Keep an eye on it, and voilà

You can serve it the way it is or with a nice-cream, enjoy!


You can make your own almond flour. It’s good to sprout almonds, by leaving them in water for 8 hours, to rehydrate them. After air-drying them and making sure they are completely dry, you can blend them in the blender. Voilà, your flour is ready!

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