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Updated: Jun 17

Many of us adults and especially kids had our tonsils removed by doctors in the hope to relieve us from the recurrent throat pains and inflammation. Even though I didn't get mine removed, I have suffered for many years with tonsillitis. Recently I learned more of what is behind it and that has been helping me so much. That's the reason I decided to write this blog.

Like many of you, I have suffered from tonsillitis since my childhood. The pain in the throat was unbearable, I could not swallow or talk. I had headaches and 40 degrees fever. I was regularly on antibiotics or penicillin injections, and that was every month, missing school days and at my adult-age missing work. There was a doctor that did suggest having my tonsils removed, but my mom did not allow it and I'm so glad she didn't.

Why removing the tonsils is not really the answer?

A study was done by Melbourne, Copenhagen and Yale University and other associates, revels that ''of almost 1.2 million children, of whom 17 460 had adenoidectomy, 11 830 tonsillectomies, and 31 377 adenotonsillectomy, surgeries were associated with increased long-term risks of respiratory, infectious, and allergic diseases''.

What is behind a sore throat?

Let's first understand the Inflammation. Inflammation is acidosis, an excess of acidity of body fluids (low pH) due to the accumulation of acids or loss of bicarbonates, leading to an immune response - 'inflammation'.

What is the purpose of tonsils? Why do we have them?

Tonsils are lymph nodes, they act as septic tanks for the lymphatic system. Their function is to filtrate, neutralize, destroy, bond toxins, parasites, microorganisms, acids, chemicals, proteins that are foreign to the body or not used, like fragments, wood, glass, etc.

The lymphatic system is co-related with the immune system. They work together to offer protection to the cells and organs (organs are made from cells) but also to remove waste from them. Tonsils being a key element, thus the importance of keeping them healthy.

When inflamed, they are in fact protecting the body, from invasion, but they can do so much in the face of high amounts of acidity, which produces great amounts of mucus.

- - - Cause and Effect - - -

What causes our tonsils to become inflamed?

A mixture of our highly acidic diets, that includes high protein diets (especially from animal sources), starchy foods, alcohol, processed foods, oils, etc. The environment around us, pollution, pharmaceutic drugs, household cleaning products, and beauty products, etc.

What can we do?

Start by removing your acid sources from your food. Eat alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables. Drink pure clean water, and avoid ingesting, breathing, or touching toxic products.

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