Our coaching

The coaching will assist you with the tools you need to achieve your goal successfully. You will get the support you need to do it.

Consultation: Goals, motivation, challenges, plan.

Follow-up: Asking questions, listening to challenges and point out some possible solutions.

Meal program for 5 weeks with 21 recipes. Grocery Shopping list. Research studies. Note book.

The 5-week Premium Program 


Our Coaching

The word 'coaching' means 'training' and that reminds me of a friend walking side by side to me showing me the way.

Changing your lifestyle involves making some of the hardest decisions you have made. You will be changing your way of doing things but more than that your way of looking at things.


That doesn't come easily for most of us even when changing our way of doing something means only good for us.


I use coaching to guide you through your greener and healthier lifestyle goals.


Understanding yourself first and what you need is the first step to a successful change. My coaching program is tailored to assist you and support you.


I will assist you with the tools you need to achieve your goals successfully. You can expect a honest, non-judgmental and positive environment.

Consultation 1:1

Our consultations lasts 30 minutes and can be either at our office or at any other convenient public place. We can also use WhatsApp. You can book one or more consultations as we go. 

Price: kr.550

7-day meal plan

This plan is made to help you to get started. It has the food suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the seven days of the week. The recipes are made to be easy and accessible for everyone. This is meant to inspire you to eat healthier and manage it. Downloadable pdf. file

Price: kr.175

'New YOU' Program 

I will empower you to transform yourself in just 5 weeks. This transformation is from inside out. It has been said that one needs about 21 days to get over a habit. Well it could well be much longer, but we are striving for progress and not perfection. And this program will empower you to take control over your own journey. I will assist you with the know-how of healthy foods, cooking and eating healthy. Here is what you can expect:

  • Intro- Consultation (for those the new-ones)

  • Meal plan and recipes

  • Guided trip to the shop 

  • Food making class for about 2,5 hours

  • 5 follow-up sessions of 30 min long 

       Price: kr. 3000

Our Workshops 

New to plants, practical-workshop

4 hours long workshop in plant-based basics. From the ingredients to sauces and recipes.

Tips on food conservation, washing and cultural curiosities of recipes. This is a relaxed atmosphere where you are to have fun while learning.

The Science behind Plant-Based Living, theory-workshop

3 hours long workshop in the plant-based benefits. Learn about different food’s digestion, food combination, nutrients, protein and exercise and most popular questions.

New YOU, one day retreat

Join us on this one-day retreat at Årvoll gård. This retreat is centered on empowering you to be in control over your food choices. It is a 8 hours retreat made for you to unwind and relax from daily activities. There will be lots of raw food and vegan/plant-based foods, food making classes, coaching session, lecture on plant-based benefits, Pilates and opportunity for you to meet like-minded people. Let's have fun together.

* Hey Mothers you are mostly welcome! We work together with Lotus Barnvakt, a Babysitter Company that does child care for you if needed. 

Price: kr.2000

Private Workshop at your Event

I can come to your event and teach you and your family, friends how to make plant-based food fun while still healthy. Why not give your guests healthy tips in a fun way? 

The food is charged extra.

Price: kr.1000 per hour every extra hour costs kr.750 


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