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Welcome to this rejuvenating detox training. ONLY 7 SPOTS

Presented by Telma Fjelltveit,
Pilates Instructor & Raw Detox Coach

Welcome to this rejuvenating Fascia Detox Training course. What is fascia? Fascia is you web net suit underneath your skin, your connective tissue which houses our muscles and organs.
Due to our modern lifestyles our fascia is constantly dehydrated, losing its structure and not serving its purpose well. And we want to change that!

In this course we will cover

Place and Time for the course

This is an intimate 6-week course, 45 mins long and it will be running on Mondays, starting August 22nd 16:30

at the heart of 

Course price: 1200,- NOK
LIMITED to 7 spots ONLY.

Get ready to move like a monkey and have lots of fun

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I want to know about your next movement courses and events!

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