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Raw Detox Circle
Coaching Program

Our community will open in May 2022 more info coming soon...

A step towards wellness...


Welcome to Raw Detox Circle...

What is Raw Detox Circle is group coaching program facilitated by me, to guide women through detoxification in their lifestyle change journey. The circle is bringing tools, knowledge, experiences, support and accountability of a community of like minded people.

The circle focus on learning about the power of raw foods, herbs, good nutrition, and optimal health. wellbeing,

How many times have you tried to adopt a healthier routine? To eat greener, exercise regularly, perhaps meditate? But motivation just seems to fade away in the middle of the week, or do you feel anxious and confused, or even frustrated about all the information out there. Perhaps it’s time to hit reset by detoxifying. It’s time to tailor a routine adjusted to you, to your needs and goals.

Who can be part of Raw Detox Circle?  EWomen are specially welcome, but also men that are looking to change their lifestyle and improve their health naturally. It could be from chronic or lifestyle conditions, to weightloss or weight gain.

How does it work? The circle is a group coaching program that has online meet ups and in-person meet ups (as long it's allowed, in case of future restrictions).

We have 1 online zoom meetings a month and one meet up in-person, which is in form of mini retreat.

Members will get notice of dates and venues ahead of time, so they have the possibility to join the events.

Back in 2018, when I switched to a plant-based diet, one thing that I missed on my path to a better self was a community. A space where I could seek advice, share my experiences and exchange knowledge. And that’s why I created Raw Detox Circle.


 Women who are committed and ready to make change happen


Who is this for?

Women who want to live their full potential  


Women who will celebrate and support each other 


What can you expect?

Private Community Events

Once a month Raw Detox Circle Brunches, with delicious food, classes and Pilates training. Together with other supportive women to encourage and keep you accountable.


LIVE Coaching Q/A directly with me every month. 

Instant access to future content: recording sessions, ebooks and recipes.


The Community has a collaborative culture, we are here to support and help each other, by sharing our journeys and keeping each other accountable.

First opportunity to sign up for all our future retreats, workshops and trainings.


Discounts & giveaways


What do I expect from you?


Willingness to do the work, and put time and energy in the process


    Supportive attitude towards the other members, share your celebrations, insecurities and goals


An open mind, heart and believe that real transformation is possible