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You know you need to go back to your healthy routines, eat more greens and exercise. But you are still not doing it. The motivation just seems to fade away every time you want to restart. 


Do you feel anxious and confused as well when it comes to a healthy lifestyle? You have tried so many different formulas and it doesn’t seem to stay with you. 

Things like ‘’...not today, I will eat healthy tomorrow’’ or ‘’Next week I will join that Pilates class for sure’’. You even do it, but then something comes along, and ‘life happens’... and there you go again, back to where you began.


Does that sound familiar to you?


The Beta Version of the Group Coaching will be testing this new service and has the goal to improve its quality to better serve you.


It will run for 4 weeks starting from June 5th to July 3rd. It will be a month filled with knowledge and rich experiences.


You will have immediate access to the already available material - Pre-recorded video-courses, shopping lists, recipes, e-books as well as the future material that will still be added during those four weeks.


I decided to make this Beta Version limited to up to 20 participants so that you will have the opportunity to closely interact with each other. And have much more feedback on your questions.

Originally the Group Coaching will have a monthly LIVE Coaching Session. But for this Beta Version, I’m going to offer an extra LIVE Coaching Session; one in the beginning and one at the end. Where we are setting mindful goals and working on them throughout the month while we support each other.


You will only pay kr.277,- for this Beta Version month. Keep in mind that this price will rise after the Beta trial is over to the original price kr. 377,-

I have GOOD NEWS for you, you can keep the same rate if you buy the yearly membership. Only if you do that the second month after the trial. *Limited to the beta participants.

What you can expect

  • Private Community of international supportive people that will encourage and keep you accountable while you are on your journey.

  • LIVE Coaching Q/A directly with me every month. (Two LIVES for Beta trial)

  • Instant access to future content: video courses, e-books, recipes, shopping lists, challenges.

  • First opportunity to sign up for all my future retreats, training, and workshops.

  • Surprises & giveaways

   Entry Requirements

  1. Fill in the Survey for the Beta Version Group Coaching

  2. During the Beta Version you are required to feedback us on every change you would love to see it improve as well as things you love from the program. 

  3. You should show respect for everyone in the community. We are there to support each other, so do your part. Be kind and nice.

  4. After the Beta trial is over you are required to write a testimonial, send your picture* or make a video* telling us about your experience in the group coaching (*optional)

what I expect from you

I like to work with people that are committed to make it happen and believe that true transformation is possible. I need you to be conscious that this change starts from within and that there will be a need to address deeper wounds, and that can be a challenge.


Are you this person? I’m honored to coach you on your journey to Wellville.

I promise you to be authentic and always support you.

Ready to start your journey?

Join the Beta version only, at a discounted price, or join with our yearly membership and get a bigger discount (for the rest of the year. Original price of monthly membership: 377,-

(after beta coaching, regular fees apply)

(for the first year)

Frequently asked questions

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone that is sick and tired of their busy lifestyle and needs support, community and inspiration to live a more purposeful life.

What if I am not vegan?

No problem, everyone that wants to improve their health and wellness is welcome. Our focus are on plant foods especially raw foods because they offer us more nutrition and energy. But more than that, we focus on other important areas of a happy living, like the emotional, mental and spiritual.

How does the program work?

Yes! Users can add video from YouTube or Vimeo with ease:

  1. Once you have paid for your membership, you will receive an email of confirmation and then you will receive your username and password
  2. You will need to login in our membership area with the username and password to have access to all our programs, e-books, challenges and recorded lives.
  3. You will also have access to all the past and future programs.
  4. You will also be added to our private facebook group, where we are connecting every month for our coaching session with Q/As.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime.

How does the payment works?

Payment can be done monthly or yearly. If you decide to pay yearly, you will get a discount of one month off. That's a great deal! You can pay either with credit card or paypal. If neither of these is possible for you please send us a email and we can do a bank transfer.

What if time is a problem for me?

You can always watch the recorded program at your own time. The programs and courses will be available for you at any time.


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