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Hello, I’m Telma!


I love to laugh. It makes my whole body feel good, and I’ve found that a plant-based diet makes my body feel good too. But my story doesn’t start with complete contentment. Instead, it begins the way too many women’s stories do – in a diet culture, served with a side of disordered eating, sprinkled with body shaming and accompanied by a bottomless glass filled with the endeavor to attain the perfect weight, mood, image and lifestyle. My story begins in Luanda, Angola, where I grew up.


My mother always seemed to be on a diet, and as her daughter, I always seemed to be a little too overweight.       

So, like my mother, I learned every diet by heart. Throughout my teenage and young adult years, my weight yo-yoed up and down. How I looked became the measure of how I felt. I was stuck in a never-ending cycle of dissatisfaction because as any woman will tell you, there is nothing sustainable about a restrictive diet. Angola isn’t renowned for its exercise culture, so it was only once I moved to Norway that I saw health and wellbeing take center stage. And it was only after I started to become ill with stomach pains, digestive problems, scoliosis and arthritis, that I considered a different way of measuring how I felt.


Doctors told me losing a bit of weight would help ease the physical pain I was in, but I would still need to take medication for the rest of my life. I was depressed, stuck and hopeless. Then, on a trip back to Angola to visit family, I watched a documentary on the impact meat has on the environment. I started questioning everything I had been taught about needing meat protein to grow strong and healthy.


I didn’t change overnight, but I did slowly remove red meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy from my diet. It was the first time I altered my diet for a reason other than my weight, and it had the greatest impact on all aspects of my life. I started to gain energy, strength and awareness that I’d never had before. I was driven by an intellectual curiosity to understand why this lifestyle shift was working so well. I started studying. I lost twenty kilograms while eating more than I ever had before. And when my husband saw the positive change in my whole being, he jumped on board and supported my journey. We begin cooking only with plants at home. Our friends and family were intrigued and inspired to do the same.


This business is the product of self-discovery, a love for the world around me and a desire to create beauty and laugh while doing it. After seeing the success of my friends and family, I wanted to share my knowledge with all those who are looking for a lasting way to improve their wellbeing.


On this site, there are a few things you can be absolutely sure of:

I promise to be fully me.

I promise to always be authentic with you.

And in this way, I know we can all thrive.

Thank you for reading,

Telma Fjelltveit

Professional Bio

Telma Fjelltveit is a passionate creative entrepreneur. From an early age she has always wanted to create something special, new, and challenge both herself and the boundaries.


She went into sciences by completing a three-year National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry from Cape Peninsula University of Cape Town in South Africa. Still she did find the lab to be her thing. Working in the lab could be very lonely and boring at the times, as most of the work today is done by machines, Telma wanted to be with people.


In that process she went to the wellness world, and got certified as a Massage Therapist in Applied Reflexology, Indian-head Massage and Hot-Stone Massage from Healing hands Institute in Cape Town, South Africa. Worked in Angola in the wellness industry at her own spa, Eucalyptus by Christy from 2008 until 2013 when she moved to Oslo, Norway.


After her great change in eating habits and all the positive results in her life, some of her friends/family start asking her for help, they wanted her to start coaching them. In September 2018, Telma successfully completed a study program certification in Plant-Based Nutrition through T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. This was a rigorous study-program of the evidence supporting a whole food, plant-based diet. 

After that, in her love for knowledge she found more about raw foods and decided to go a little deeper into detoxification and understanding more of the human body, and the use of natural medicine (foods and herbs) to support the bodies natural processes. In November 2019, Telma graduated as a Detoxification Specialist through the International School of Detoxification, Port Charlotte, FL, USA.

As for the moment Telma is taking a Pilates Instructor certification in order to better serve her Coaching Program customers as well as other interested in improving their lifestyle through movement and good posture.  Pilates is a beautiful and complete discipline that focus on strengthening muscles, bones as well as contributes to the overall mental/emotional and spiritual health of the individual.

Telma works as a health and lifestyle coach, detoxification specialist, recipe developer, course facilitator in her company, Plants From Now On in Oslo, Norway. She helps especially women, but men too, who are frustrated with dieting, cultivate a healthy and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.

Telma doesn't believe in dieting but in attaining to a healthy lifestyle. She believes true health comes from nurturing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. We are one, one side cannot do well if the other side is not in balance. 

At moment, Telma is also writing her first book, where she wants to share the joys and challenges she faced in this journey., as well as her most favorite recipes.


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